Another fun upbeat tune
Recorded at DBu Ranch Recorders
Lyrics by John Fusco
Nicole Andrade - Vocals
John Fusco - Guitar
Robert James Griffin - Bass
Joe Donat - Keyboard
John Bartnikowski - Drums
Jeff Dresser - Tenor Saxophone


This is your first chance - Might be your last
This could be romance – Or end real fast
You could get lucky – Maybe you’ll win
Caution meet the wind

I’m not sorry – I know just what I did
Not asking permission – I ain’t no kid
Call it what you will – Call it a sin
Caution meet the wind

I’ll take my chances – Chips fallin’ where they may
I’ll listen to warnings – Turn my back and walk away
I promise to be faithful – Then wander in my mind
I’ll make my own rules – Until the end of time

Whistle past the graveyard – No cares in this world
Risk is the reward – Not fallin’ on my sword
Head first, dive-in – Ignore the circling fins
Caution meet the wind

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