1. Stay With Me

Heartfelt song
Recorded at DBu Ranch Recorders
Lyrics by John Fusco
Nicole Andrade - Vocals
John Fusco - Guitar
Robert James Griffin - Bass
Joe Donat - Keyboard
John Bartnikowski - Drums
Jeff Dresser - Tenor Saxophone


So nice – to hear your voice Stopped twice – didn’t have a choice
Road leads - somewhere I have been Another tragedy - and back again

So nice – to feel your breath Waited still – pounding in my chest
Clouds casting shadows over you Another day – do all I can do

Don’t quit - stay with me We got this – stay with me Don’t leave – stay with me Now~~~~

Too many times – you set me up Took advantage – knowing I’d give up
Lead me down – a street of broken dreams

So nice – to believe you changed Forget the past – suppress the pain
Make believe – the problems disappear Open my eyes – see them re-appear


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