Fun upbeat tune
Recorded at DBu Ranch Recorders
Lyrics by John Fusco
Melody by Nicole Andrade
Arrangement by Robert James Griffin
Nicole Andrade - Vocals
John Fusco - Guitar
Robert James Griffin - Bass
Joe Donat - Keyboard
John Bartnikowski - Drums
Jeff Dresser - Tenor Saxophone
Dr. Manoj Monga - Baritone Saxophone


Full stride – Slow ride – Enjoy the simple life
Shown up – Grown up – Fire burning in your eyes
Time is right – Moving in-to the fight
Give it what you got – Don’t quit – Don’t stop ….. Cause

Mountains never surrender – Lightning’s followed by thunder
Whiskey never needs a chaser – And, Age… Age is just a number

No more time to contemplate - Energy must circulate
Tap your passion – pump it up – get it flowing
Reach down deep – Bring it up and Let it out
Show us what you got – Don’t quit – Don’t stop …. Cause


Talking crazy
Acting lazy
Time's run out
You're pushing daisies
Age is just a number

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